Ignorant Racist

I grew up in Tamworth. It’s a ‘funny old place’. Robert Peel, who founded the Police Force (hence ‘bobbies’) unveiled his Tamworth Manifesto there. It has a small and uncharming castle, was once was the capital of Mercia.

To say that this pocket of Birmingham suburbia is inhabited by predominantly white people would be a comical understatement. Of the 700 people at my secondary school, maybe two kids weren’t white. I won’t labour the point, but it was considered newsworthy that a ‘proper’ black guy started our school in 6th form.

Despite extended exposure to this insular environmnent, I’ve never understood racism. We’re animals capable of rationality, and rationality is the most valuable characteristic of the human species. The enlightenment is often called the Age of Reason. Human conflict is always underpinned by irrational behaviour.

Racism is extreme irrationality. To proclaim knowledge of people on the basis of skin pigmentation is absurd. But is a suspicion of the ‘other’ built into our instincts? Take the tests here.

It told me I have a moderate preference for white people over black people, but prefer asian people to white people. You’d think I’d at least be consistent in my racism.

I’m not going to be the lady who doth protest too much, but I think the test has some serious flaws. Well, either that or an Asian friend who took the test IS a white supremacist…

Here’s the late, great Father Ted being racist. Enjoy.


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