Scade.. Schadun.. Schadenfreude

It’s the French WWTBAM at 2min 21secs in that makes this compelling viewing.


1. It’s bizarre to witness a middle-aged western European man who does not know that the moon orbits the earth.

2. More than half the audience decide to fuck him up when he asks for their help.

3. The heart-breaking look of sadness on his daughter’s face.


One Response to Scade.. Schadun.. Schadenfreude

  1. Pete says:

    NO-ONE is more stupid than the smug arse who mis-spelt ‘Feud’ when putting together the video.

    “Let’s laugh at people who are just as stupid as me, but had the misfortune to be being watched by more people at the time”.

    That dude who thinks the sun goes around the earth needs to fuck right off though.

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