Accurate Observation is Commonly Called Cynicism

“The only people running down stairs to confront the man that they believed to be Hussain Osman, a known suicide bomber, were police officers from CO19 and surveillance officers as well, while everyone else was running out.”

Say again? A KNOWN suicide bomber? ‘Oh yeah that’s Ossy, he’s always running down here and blowing himself up. Does it twice a week. Honestly, the bother he causes! You wonder where he gets the energy from.’

Anyway, thanks to fine officers like Ralph, who is ‘very proud‘ of his team who executed an innocent man on a station platfom a couple of years ago, I can sleep easy at night knowing I’m being kept safe from the not-at-all-overstated threat of turr.

They’ll probably all get medals. That’s what happened to the US Marines who shot down an Iranian passenger jet in 1988. Brave, brave men.


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