Social Tourettes

I don’t mean to be an obnoxious prick, it’s just my default setting. A friend got married recently. We were supposed to meet for a drink. He sent me a text message saying, ‘Can’t do that drink until next week – my wife’s dad had a heart attack and he’s in hospital’. I hit reply and typed, ‘Bad news. Was this before or after he took receipt of the bill for the wedding reception?’ and NEARLY PRESSED SEND. What’s the matter with me?


2 Responses to Social Tourettes

  1. I like that your “default setting” is obnoxious, I will be stealing that.

    I bet your friend needed a laugh. However, your restraint was admirable.

  2. Amardeep says:

    Richard, do you think you are slowly turning into a sociopath? I think whatever is left of your conscience is stopping you but it will eventually fail.

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