Private Eye

I failed to enjoy chilli and fireworks (no car, way too difficult) and also let Alison down by starting my Saturday five hours too late to stand a chance of not being lame.

When I heard about the news story last week about GAP unknowingly buying materials produced in an Indian sweatshop, I did what any man should. I wrote a song about it. It’s the answer to everything. Iranian nuclear confrontation? Hand me that fucking guitar, I’m gonna get a dropped-D tuning on this one straight away. Tell Ban-ki-Moon he can relax, I’m on top of things. Floods in Mexico? Bust out the piano, I think I can help.

Anyway, in a decision completely unrelated to my previous post, I decided last night to arrange the song for Tabla, Sitar and Xylophone. You can hear the results streamed below. You can also download it to use against me in the future from the music page.


3 Responses to Private Eye

  1. Pete says:

    Surprisingly good considering your description the other night.

    For some reason, I came away with the impression that you would be singing it in the actual voice of the exploited child (a la Tucker) so I was pleasantly surprised.

    It started off sounding like The Mighty Boosh, then sounded like The Beatles when the singing came in. Good stuff!

  2. McKinley says:

    Hold on a minute. They didn’t unknowingly buy stuff from a sweat shop. Plus, it had to do with child labour. The story goes- Gap has a list of hired contractors and a list of reputable subcontractors. Often contractors take on too much work, and sub-contract to “approved” contractors. In this case, they didn’t go to an approved sub-contractor and that’s where it all became a bit dodgy. The good news is no one is being punished. Closing an account with a contractor would mean putting lots of people out of work. Instead, they’re going to make sure contractors don’t overload themselves. Capish?

  3. McKinley says:

    PS I can’t listen to the song at work. It would probably get my fired.

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