Many a True Word…?

An hour after writing my previous post, I happened upon this article.


2 Responses to Many a True Word…?

  1. mieke says:

    why can’t i comment on the below post?

    anyway… i hate to do this but i’m going to make you love the dutch even more (even though i know i shouldn’t).

    there’s this really lame show called ‘all you need is love’ in the motherland, where people can do lame things like propose or ask people out on dates or apologize publicly for whatever it is you weren’t supposed to be doing in all manner of convoluted ways.

    you get the deal, force someone to accept whatever it is you’re offering cause you’re putting yourself out there on national television and going on a date with them or accepting their apology can never be as bad as embarrassing them in front of the entire nation.

    so on one episode this guy (geeky feeble looking ill fitting suit bespectacled type) decided to ask the ‘girl of his dreams’ out by riding onto the stage on a big ass harley at a show by her favorite band (some farmrock group called ‘normaal’, you should look them up to see what a terrible setting this is for ANY kind of romance) and asking her out on a date.

    her stone cold reply: “i already have a boyfriend”.

    i’m pretty sure that’s at least ten years ago now and everybody STILL remembers…

    damn… now i want to tell you about the show where people got to live out their sexual fantasies (uncensored, on national television) and this couple played ‘native americans’.

    basically they had to move house and change their kids schools cause they hadn’t realized how inappropriate it is for daddy to fuck mommy on national television with an eggplant on his cock.

    i miss dutch tv… **sigh**

  2. McKinley says:

    I woulda killed that bitch, too.

    Just kidding (in case some day I’m involved in some Knox-like trouble and end up screwing myself with this post. Sarcasm is a thing of the past when it comes to murder. As are machine-gun yielding photos on facebook. By the way, that Knox bitch is totally guilty, not to mention one twisted fucking piece of work).

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