You Give Me Joke

I’ve been laughing my hangover away all morning. First of all, I received some education about Sinter Klaas. There are a couple of important distinctions between Sinter Klaas and the jolly fellow you may be more familiar with who epitomises festive Americana.

In the Netherlands, instead of delivering presents at Christmas, Sinter Klaas does so on 5 December. The other main difference is that his assistant, rather than an Elf, is, um, ‘Zwarte Pieten’. If you’re unfamiliar with Germanic languages, you may need to look up Zwarte. But rest assured, it’s St Nick’s imported servant.

Click on the thumbnail, then dry your eyes.


While learning about Sinter Klaas, we listened to Iron Maiden in the office. Rocking out to ‘Run to the Hills’, me and Nik were somewhat deflated by Rob’s insightful observation that heavy metal is Puberty Music. Amazing.


5 Responses to You Give Me Joke

  1. mieke says:

    i still can’t believe the wiki quote… i’m so glad it’s not here…

  2. recoder says:

    No, we save our blacking-up for Darkie Day

  3. McKinley says:

    Is that guy supposed to be a monkey?

  4. mieke says:

    racism is hilarious…

  5. keef says:

    Iron Maiden is the way to go in the office. I sometimes ‘blast’ that out of the pc here

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