Chilled Sunday

I love Sundays. A month of them would suit me fine. Stay in your cosy warm bed until hunger gently coaxes you into the kitchen for fresh coffee and a large breakfast.

Have a long, hot shower until the water runs out, shave slowly and carefully and emerge from a steamy bathroom feeling fresher than an arctic breeze. Pluck a guitar absent-mindedly whilst reading all the broadsheets online, surfing your favourite websites and playing Scrabble via Facebook. 

Spend hours playing Super Mario Galaxy until you realise you need to go outside and get some fresh air. Despite having lived in Rotherhithe for eighteen months, I’ve shamefully neglected to explore even one of the thirty-five acres of Russia dock woods so my itchy feet decided to put that right.

I must have been playing too much Mario, because everywhere I looked, I felt as if I was in a real-life platform game. I encountered this metally snake and wondered if he would relinquish a gold coin if I jumped on him. 

metal snake in the grass

Shaking my head whilst wondering if my anthropomorphisation of inanimate objects is a cause for psychatric concern, I turn a corner and encounter a scene straight out of a Super Mario level. Where you run around the circumference of a large mound killing baddies before running up to the top and fighting a ‘boss’. Seriously –

mario steps

Right, I’m off to enjoy a roast dinner, another reason to love Sundays. Hope you had a good one.  


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