Uptight Saturday

I now have custody of my sister’s old car. Yesterday, I got myself new insurance at fairly sharp expense, then set off for Tescos to replenish my empty fridge. But the car wouldn’t start. Flat battery – no biggie. Waited for Si to get home so I could get a jump off his car. Except neither of us had jump leads. So we attempted a pushstart by rolling it down the slope of my car park, but that didn’t work. 

I turned to the AA – it transpired I decided against ‘home start’ when I took out my policy.. and it’s expired anyway! I call Ben – he’s recording. I call Nas, she’s still at work. Despair. So I re-join the AA – with home-start – for a hundred quid. The guy comes out, tells me the battery is fucked to death, won’t retain charge and I need a new one, which he can fit there and then for seventy quid. I saw few options but to accept. 

Finally, dizzy from hunger, I get to Tescos. They haven’t got anything I want. Is this London or Bratislava? No sweet potatoes left, no avocados left, no tomatoes left, no coriander either. Woe is me, huh? But I did start to feel the world was against me yesterday. Still, they had Brandy, which I made a serious dent in.

I like being an adult, but it’d be great if you could have a year or two off bills, insurance, garages, boilers, laundry, work, all the tedious shit that soaks up your time and energy like a sponge. Still, even the pissiest of days doesn’t compare to the poor bastards in Bagdhad, who now face a Cholera crisis on top of everthing else.


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