Then Who Are the Dutch?!

I just got into Seinfeld. It never really took off in the UK when it was current, but it’s referred to so frequently in my beloved Curb that Seinfeld DVDs were top of the list I sent to Santa.

Voor mijn Nederlandse vriendin –

(Eurofact – North and South Holland are but 2 provinces of 12 in the Netherlands)


3 Responses to Then Who Are the Dutch?!

  1. Amardeep says:

    I never really “got” Seinfeld only until recently on a trip to the US. for some reason it made sense in the land of it’s creation. It’s a great comedy of farce. Tres funny.

  2. mieke says:

    ACK! no sound at work! ūüė¶

  3. mieke says:

    i blame the whole holland/ netherlands/ dutch thing on you and your stupid language.

    i can’t even count the times guys tried to chat me up in german… oeh ja baby, ich spritze ab!

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