Make Up Your Own Tat Pun

I was watching one of those early-evening BBC2 shows that you only watch because you’ve just got home from work and you can’t face cooking straight away. It was a programme of the ‘property porn’ genre, featuring an interview with a roofer who specialised in restoration work.

“He’s a bit young to be responsible for all that”, I thought to myself. “He can only be about my age.”

Er, right. “Newsflash – you ain’t young, jackass”, shouted my internal voice. I’m told a common horror-inducer is to see a copper who is younger than you. Still, I’m not exactly being dragged kicking and screaming towards 30. A guilty secret – I LIKE getting older. Sure, there are disadvantages, but I’ve got a lot more in the yay column than the boo.

However, there is one thing I’ve gotta do this year, and that is get a sleeve tattoo. I’ve been all talk and no ink for YEARS now. I’ve tolerated my crappy off-the-wall tattoos for too damned long. The excuses of time and money no longer apply. So – If I don’t have a sleeve tattoo by the 31st of December 2008, you have permission to punch me in the face. (This only applies if we know each other in real life – no lurking knuckleduster collectors need pay heed)

That’s pretty much it for resolutions. After six months of near abstinence, I’ve been smoking like a fiend this week. Most people give up in January, but I have to be different, innit. Cough, splutter.


6 Responses to Make Up Your Own Tat Pun

  1. mieke says:

    i’ll steal any tat pun i like! mine are bigger than yours!

    are you still getting that dildo sleeve?

  2. recoder says:

    No. No I’m not. And it wasn’t that simple anyway!

  3. Pete says:

    Remember, it’s not a proper tattoo unless it’s instantly regrettable.

    Some kind of monster playing the guitar is in order I think….

  4. recoder says:

    Dunno – Amardeep, you any good at monsters playing guitars? ūüėõ

  5. McKinley says:

    You should watch Miami and LA Ink. Both shows are great tattoo motivation. I’ve always wanted robotic flowers, but not even I’m sure what that means.

  6. aworldofmeh says:

    I still want to get my lame galaxy idea on my arm. and a lip ring. ya know, just so my mum can lecture me on how i should have grown out of it all by now. what with me being 30 n all. That said I WAS dragged kicking and screaming to this age.

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