Move Along, Sir…

… You’re making the place look untidy.


Yesterday, whilst walking past some of the homeless people who hang around on Whitcomb street, I noticed one of the guys was wearing a union jack beanie. Now, maybe I’m a middle-class tosser who would wish to dictate to homeless people what they may or may not adorn themselves with, but it seems very weird to me that someone who has evidently slipped through the cracks of society should make ostentatious displays of nationalism whilst conducting their fundraising.

This inconsequential meandering of thought brought home to me the fact that I’m almost entirely desensitised to the sight of vast number of homeless people struggling through life within the square mile of my office. It’s easy to make excuses – perhaps individuals with deep-rooted psychological, alcohol and/or drug problems are so far gone that they’re impossible to help. But for the sake of your own humanity, it helps to be reminded from time to time that the dossers who are generally looked upon with contempt if they’re looked upon at all were all once held as babies and looked upon with love, joy and hope.


One Response to Move Along, Sir…

  1. mieke says:

    thanks for the link!

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