Jilted Puppy

How was your weekend? I hate Little Britain, but I’d have to say that mine was yeah but no but yeah but no. That’s the trouble when you’re anticipating the BEST NIGHT EVER and it turns out to only be a slightly better night than average but still ultimately disappointing. But then I had an amazing sammich on Sunday that made up for it. Check it the fuck out!



3 Responses to Jilted Puppy

  1. Amardeep says:

    I want one. What went into the making of this sandwich. TELL ME!!!!

  2. recoder says:

    Well Amardeep, we’re rocking up some self-sliced malty bread, some boursin, plum vine tomotoes, round lettuce, squishy avocado, cucumber, german-sylee peppered salami, bit of mayo, all moistened together with the tears of a clown.

    I had to dislocate my jaw like a snake to fit it all in, but it was worth it.

  3. Amardeep says:

    yum. Now that is an amazing sandwich. I salute your sandwich making skillz

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