Always Read the Label

3am on a school-night…  

I have a very mild cold. Just a bit icky during the night. Even me and my wild hypochondria can handle that. Waking up a couple of hours ago with a blocked nose and a headache, I reached out in the dark for paracetamol and necked a couple. Turns out they were Boots’ own Cold & Flu Plus, which contain an abundance of caffeine.



I’ve been doing that insomniac thing where you go through the alphabet listing every place you’ve been, (Aldershot, Brussels, Canada, Dulwich…) every band you like, (Faith No More, Guns n’ Roses, Honeycrack…) my friends (Alison, Ben, Chris…) and all it did was wake me up more. I think it’s because deep down I know I’m not acquainted with anyone called Xavier, the band ‘Xylophone Masters’ exist only in my imagination, and there probably isn’t anywhere beginning with X. Unless Planet X counts. I’ve set myself up for failure, and this minor anxiety is in itself a way of staying awake.

I sadly conclude that it is more likely I will come up with a theory of quantum gravity than get any sleep tonight.


4 Responses to Always Read the Label

  1. aworldofmeh says:

    I didnt sleep well… must have been sympathy insomnia for you!

  2. Pete says:

    Aren’t there some places in China that begin with X? Worth getting some under your belt for a similar mishap in the future, eh?

    If it’s any help, I’ve had this loads since I was about 10 and I’ve found that nothing except lots of exercise earlier in the day, alcohol, or just general exhaustion really works. Just tru your damndest not to think about money and you’ve avoided the worst of it… 😉

  3. recoder says:

    Unless you’re Tucker, in which case nocturnal thoughts of money make you drift off on a fluffy cloud wrapped in a towel made of kisses.

  4. McKinley says:

    I’ll tell you my technique..I’ve got two.

    1) Imagine white. Everything is white. I do this when I have nightmares, because black is scary.

    2) Body scanning. Its a weird yoga/meditation trick, but you concentrate on the feeling in different parts of your body, toes, then ankles, then calves, then knees… Its so relaxing. If you do it everyday for 2 hours a day, you can give yourself this tingly tidal wave that feels nearly as good as.. well.. yeah.

    I should meditate more.

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