What is it with beards, anyway?

So another bloke with a beard who believes in the great ghost in the sky has decided to impart some more wisdom upon us. I’d keep my mouth shut, I really would, if it wasn’t all so FUCKING CRAZY. It’s easy to think that we live in a secular society, but remember that the new Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, was considered brave for admitting that he doesn’t believe in the flying spaghetti monster.

I do have beef with all theistic religions, it’s true, but I usually decide it’s better to keep my mouth shut. If you apply reason to the matter of faith, you’re either preaching to the converted or putting people’s backs up. Essentially, you’re pissing in the wind.

I have religious friends. It’s impolite to imply to your friends that they are delusional, and you appear to want to deny people their sense of spirituality. I don’t want to do that – all the artistic creations I love are created out of a sense of spirit.

There’s a mystery to life that we don’t often talk about because it’s tedious to talk about a question which has no satisfactory answer, so people express it in music, literature, comedy, art, cartoons, etc. This means I’m not going to be haranguing my religious friends any time soon.

Hell, I’m related to someone who holds the firm conviction that her car parking spaces are to be found by faith in the provenance of a higher power. I might think ‘Yikes!’, but I’ll look the other way.

Where I think religion necessitates strong criticism is when it starts interfering in non-believers lives. Laws on abortion presents an easy example. Likewise, it horrifies me to to think that I pay taxes for children to be indoctrinated into state-funded faith schools. We need to challenge the self-appointed authority assumed by religious institutions. Religion still permeates every area of our lives to the extent that people perceive hostility towards religion as a form of racism. When Tony (fucking) Blair excuses his calamitous military endeavours, he talks about doing what he thinks is right, about him only knowing what he believes. Respect for belief as a virtue in itself is dangerous. History shows that people tend to die in great numbers when messianic visionaries are in charge of things.

Likewise, the idea that the laws of nations should be flexible to accommodate FAITH is absurd and dangerous.


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