The Three Best Things Ever

Today, me and Alison hung out with the world’s biggest Pelican in St James’ Park. There’s nothing in the shot to provide sufficient justice of scale to illustrate his enormity, but take my word for it when I tell you this Pelican is the size of an 8 year old child. Here he is.


THEN… (don’t ask me why) I watched the intro to an episode of 80s cop show classic Juliet Bravo. LISTEN to that classic BBC voice. This was IN MY LIFETIME! It’s the same guy who provided updates on our boys and their efforts to curtail the Bosch in the wireless broadcasts of the 1940s.

By this point, I thought life simply couldn’t be improved upon, but then I stumbled upon this – Spongebob Squarepants actors doing voiceovers on classic movies. Click that link – you’ll have a great time.

What a glorious day. Which ended under the influence of a staggering quantity of ridiculously strong Belgian beer. *hic*

More about my beaky friend. I think he was the guy who ate a pigeon. Nature’s red in tooth and beak, I guess. Still, my eyes popped out of my head when I read the words of Louise Wood, spokesman for the Royal Parks, who ‘apologised to anyone distressed by the pelican eating the pigeon.’

She said WHAT?

You can imagine someone writing to park authorities…
“Whilst visiting your park with my son Tarquin (5), I was DEEPLY OFFENDED at the site of a…”

I just, I can’t even…



One Response to The Three Best Things Ever

  1. aworldofmeh says:

    i thought you said you were busy today? Not busy enough to blog though huh?!
    tsssk FOR SHAME!

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