Three Things

  • I captioned an Olympic lolcat. The Olympic flame relay has its roots in notoriety. It began at the 1936 Berlin Games, which was attended by my maternal Grandfather. He witnessed Hitler speaking in person, which perhaps provided inspiration when he remarked of Blair that he’d ‘seen his type before’.
  • You can do an excellent impression of Hitler making a radio address by shouting German into cellophane held tightly over your mouth. Try it – it’s sinister but fun. I can’t recommend that you try this in Germany, where impersonating the Führer is a criminal offence. I picked this up from Martin, ein Berliner, who described his troublemaking friend trying it out on die Bullen with negative consequences.
  • Alan Clark, the late Conservative MP, had simultaneous affairs with not only the wife of a South African judge, but both his daughters too. I tried to describe the thought processes invoked by finding out that a Tory politician has been doinking every cherished member of your immediate family, but the limitations of language proved too great.

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