All Filler, No Killer

Here are some links that have entertained me through the long hours of honest toil:

Avoiding logical fallacies in critical judgement is extremely difficult for humans, as we are in general far more primitive than we like to think. This book by AC Grayling helps to squeegee that third eye.

If you haven’t watched the ‘Canada On Strike’ episode of South Park yet, it’s streamed here. Don’t waste any more time on this crappy blog, you could be watching cartoons!

I never get sick of hearing people playing Mario themes in new and inventive ways. Here’s someone meticulously arranging glass bottles then using a radio-controlled car to perform a note-perfect rendition of a drive-by solo.

New Scientist reveals the results of more experiments that indicate free will as we know it might be illusory. Cue snooty four-eyed losers everywhere rehashing the same tired arguments. Mine, for example: It doesn’t matter at all whether we have free will or not. I’m inclined to think that ultimately we don’t, and that it’s a consequence of tangled hierarchy, but the complexity of the brain means that the experience of seeming to make free choices is so consistent and powerful an illusion that it might as well exist.

Look at these psychoanalyst finger puppets! Now it’s easy to play mind games. I can’t help but picture mentally ill people rocking back and forth in an unfurnished room while making the finger puppets talk to each other in grotesquely different voices.

Death can be cute, with the Hello Kitty tombstone.


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