Please Not Boris

Democracy is flawed because it makes an unrealistic demand for rationality and intelligence on the part of the electorate in order to function as designed.

Sadly, most people would bring back public execution tomorrow, and you know that it’s true. A benevolent dictatorship might work in theory, but it’s impossible. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as everyone knows. So we’re stuck with a farcical vote for who we perceive to be the lesser of two evils every couple of years.

Civilization begins with the desire to create a perfect situation. But a perfect situation for one could not exist without an imperfect situation for another. Politics seeks to balance the situations in such a manner that we don’t have absolute anarchy and not too many people starve to death.

Once a certain stability is achieved, administrative power becomes self-perpetuating. Our vaguely elected representatives grasp opportunities for imposing their dubious morals on everybody via the crass application of criminal law and the compliance of sanctimonious media groups – media groups who have a financial interest in keeping the general population as dumb as possible.

Witness Gordon Brown about to ignore expert advice in order to pander to wildly irrational jackasses, for no other reason than to retain power for power’s sake.

At least thanks to the information age we can be grateful that we don’t have to live lives of blissful ignorance unless we choose to. When accessing information is as easy as flushing a toilet, it becomes a great deal harder to tell big lies to a large number of people without being found out.


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