I’m Not Your Buddy, Guy

There’s a new Weezer video, evoking the spirit of Canada on Strike. I have yet to form an opinion.

I went to see Chris Rock at the o2 last night, where I was one of the wankers in a corporate box drinking free Hoegaarden and making nice while I looked down upon the proletariat.

He was unsurprisingly good, although I was expecting him to have more to say on the subject of America at large. He dedicated a good chunk of his set to rather stale ‘See, the difference between men/women/black people/white people’ routines which seemed a bit lost on a British audience.

New Indiana Jones tonight… I’m determined to enjoy it even if it’s lame.


2 Responses to I’m Not Your Buddy, Guy

  1. “I’m determined to enjoy it even if it’s lame.”

    An admirable quality that I find makes life so much more enjoyable. Nice blog. I’ll be back.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks, but I don’t deserve your praise. I usually try to hate everything and ruin things for everyone else.

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