Spoiler anxiety is a little hard to empathise with if it’s used in the context of an Indiana Jones film because you already know what happens.

A handsome and learned professor is approached by some grey suits who tell him it is of upmost importance that he retreive a mythical icon from a dangerous environment as soon as possible for the continued safety of all mankind.

He accepts his mission in good humour and with virtue on his side, but encounters much difficulty in the course of his adventure, helped by a handful of zany friends he collects along the way.

After a climatic struggle, he emerges from a heavily booby-trapped site of antiquity with the prize and returns to his life of academia.

I saw the new Indiana Jones film on Saturday, aware that many people of my demographic who had seen it were disappointed.

I think that it’s inevitable that many people will be ambivalent about a new Indiana Jones film. We know our curiosity is going to get the better of us, but we also suspect that if we see an Indy movie with adult eyes, a part of our childhood will be tainted.

I went to the cinema leaving my cynicism at home, determined to enjoy it. There’s some eye-puncturingly lame moments and excessive use of crass CGI, but Harrison Ford holds it all together with relative dignity and it made me laugh a lot. It’s in the spirit of the old trilogy, and if people left disappointed, I really don’t know what they were expecting. If people feel let down, maybe it’s because they’re not ten years old any more.


2 Responses to Indy

  1. Mckinley says:

    I saw it last night and LOVED it! I think people just get a kick out of hating things, you know?

    I only rolled my eyes twice: at the swinging from vines like a monkey bit, and the “jumanji” style ants.

    The son’s was a lame-o, but I let that one slide.

  2. Richard says:

    Yeah, the rope-swinging bit really, REALLY sucks.

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