Upwardly Mobile

It’s a sad day. My SIM card has finally died. It lived to a ripe old age. It has the one2one logo on it. Remember them? They used to ask you who would most wanted a one2one with. I seem to remember Kate Moss wanting a one2one with Elvis Presley. My unusually vivid memory is perhaps aided by the fact that she looked really hot in the advert. It’s depressingly clear how advertising works on people afflicted with Y-chromosomes.

When I first got it in 1999, calls were 2p a minute off-peak and text messages were free. Then T-Mobile took over the prices soared, but I was too apathetic to bother changing it. Tomorrow I will have a new SIM, a new number, and a fresh, breezy, positive outlook.


2 Responses to Upwardly Mobile

  1. chazza says:

    O2… 300 free text messages a month if you top up £10 a month.

    Deduct £5 from your £10 a month and get 1000 mins free calls to 10 o2 numbers…

    Please get an o2 phone! I don’t work for ’em honest I just hate the rip off that is t-mobile and would like to be able to call you for free 😛 xx

  2. Richard says:

    I’m doing the o2 thing. Just need my Pacman number.

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