Benefit Scroungers

Why is it that people burst blood vessels with rage when they read stories about so-called benefit scroungers, but are relaxed about Prince William using helicopters funded by the same purse as a mode of convenient personal transport?


2 Responses to Benefit Scroungers

  1. mieke says:

    The outrage was two months ago. And consisted mainly of people joking about it on Have I Got News For You.

    I’m glad I can start paying tax back home again. At least our royals spend their money on clothes and funerals. As they should.

  2. koof says:

    If hes never even going to be flying in a war zone, whats the fucking point of ‘training’ him to do so.

    Although if I had such a chance I would impress my lady friend with such a show of skill. But I would think the cost would come out of my own wealthy aristocrat pockets.

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