Vague Genre Movie

I’m celebrating this site’s first birthday by giving it a bit of a face-lift. Generic wordpress stylesheets be damned – I’m slowly but surely learning CSS so that I can express myself digitally with no aesthetic limitations.

I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks, with a few projects coming together nicely and some plans starting to take shape. I can’t wait to get cracking. Since I’m in such a productive and positive phase, misanthropic prose is a little thin on the ground, so here are some links:

I was going to link to this ages ago, but thought it’s be completely lame as everyone would have already seen it. Sharing a meme that has already done the rounds a few too many times is like turning up to a school disco wearing the same t-shirt as somebody else, but if you haven’t seen the Vague Genre Movie Trailer parody, it’s worth two minutes of your time.

Hilarious news story of the week award goes to China, where three journalists were accidentally shot at an anti-gun campaign news conference in Nanchong.

Cat and Girl should have been added to my links ages ago – it’s one of the better web-comics I’ve come across. Value is added for me because of the remarkable similarity between the protagonist and a friend of mine, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Look at this would-be US politician’s anti-gay cartoon – I thought at first that it was satirical, but he really does presume to speak for God. It makes me think of Butters from South Park, speaking in the ‘Cartman Sucks’ episode – If I’m bi-curious, and I’m somehow made from God, then I guess God must be a little bi-curious himself!

Sometimes Engrish is funny, and sometimes it’s just an excuse to laugh at foreigners. This definitely falls under the former category.


One Response to Vague Genre Movie

  1. mieke says:

    man, that cat and girl chick is a fucking weirdo.

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