Brown Trousers Time

The pitiful sight of the current British Government and their dubious mandate hammers home the need for electoral reform in this country. It is bad enough that we are not permitted to directly elect our head of state, but if Brown resigns this autumn, it will mean we have two consecutive prime ministers imposed upon us with the voice of the electorate limited to a choice between passive acceptance and futile protest.

The two-party stranglehold on our political system persists because it is in the interests of those two parties that it does so. Whenever one party uses its power to an extreme degree it sets the conditions for the other party to take over. Then the other lot take their turn in wielding excessive power until the Great British Public wake from their slumbers for long enough to swap them round again. Labour and Conservative are two teams in the same league, serving the same interests. It’s a choice between having your nose or your jaw broken.

The two parties always make the right noises about electoral reform right up to the day they get elected, then it mysteriously vanishes from the manifesto. If electoral reform is ever going to happen, it requires a co-ordinated approach. is the place to start.

If it’s something you give even a passing fuck about, sign up here and all the hard work is done for you – all you need to do is copy and paste emails and letters to MPs and newspaper editors at the appropriate times.


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