This Isn’t MySpace

I had the unusual experience of interviewing someone for my own job yesterday. If I’d had the option to veto their vitae, it would have gone straight in the bin. I spent the interview biting my tongue and grinding my teeth in an attempt to resist unleashing some pain on the poor bastard.

There seems to be a trend of people embedding a photo of themselves on their CV. This grinds my gears. It’s not MySpace, it’s a job application. Your appearance has no bearing whatsoever.

The main cause of my anguish is not just that your illiteracy is widespread, but that it is increasingly accepted with a shrug. Submitting a CV that is littered with elementary spelling mistakes is equivalent to spitting in your palm before shaking hands with your interviewer. You are a jackass of such magnitude that you can’t even be bothered to proof-read your own CV before sending it to someone.
I wouldn’t trust you to successfully water a plant, and yet here you are being interviewed. How bad must the rejects have been if you made the ‘maybe’ pile?

The logical conclusion to the decline in written English is that a well-written email or letter will be filed under trash on account of the writer being too much of a smart-arse.

When I’m next looking for a job, my standard covering letter may well have to be I saw ur job advertised on teh internet and am apltying for it 🙂 I have experince off photoshop and excell and would be a good adition to ur team lol to stand a chance of getting interviewed.


3 Responses to This Isn’t MySpace

  1. Pete says:

    I hope they read this blog.


  2. recoder says:

    If they don’t, my ten minutes of angry keyboard hammering will have been in vain.

  3. mieke says:

    hey! i stole that ‘this isn’t myspace’ line from my manager back when i still had to weed through cv’s for a living! find your own hep cultural reference!


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