When Bored In Bangkok, Get a Tattoo

The half-sleeve I have been meaning to get round to for, erm, ten years! (Sorry Ma)



9 Responses to When Bored In Bangkok, Get a Tattoo

  1. mieke says:

    nice! now you’re finally part of the gang!

  2. pete485 says:

    Further proof that any man worth his salt has an enormous fish tattooed on his arm…

  3. pete485 says:

    Just realised though: How long are you not supposed to swim for???

  4. mieke says:

    couple of months at least…

    and stay out of the sun! though i’m sure you can use some kind of sunblock once it’s healed (not while it’s still healing unless there’s no alcohol in it).

  5. Charlotte says:

    I bloody love it! Pete has a point about swimming though.. be careful and remember – always pat it dry! It has your Sisters approval 🙂 x

  6. Amardeep says:

    Great tattoo. Kick ass dude!

  7. recoder says:

    Water? I think the conventional wisdom is keep it out of salty or chlorinated water for about a month, which is fine cuz we’re not hitting thai beaches for another few weeks. Staying out of the sun not really an option, but I’m keeping it as well covered as I can bear.

    Pete, you’re right about the fish – I remembered you had something very similar (although considerably more orange) half way through. I like the fish thing – unless I misunderstand the theory of evolution, your father’s father’s father to the power of about a million was a fish himself.

    Cheers Char. I will catch up with you yet.

    Amardeep – I still have plenty of flesh-room yet for an A.Sian original, so you’re not off the hook, dude.

    mieks – I was already part of the gang, it’s just until now i was the dude at the back who’d squeak ‘yeah, kick his ass, bigsy’ and then run away as soon as anyone stared at me.

  8. Celia says:

    Well, son — I’ll ask again what I asked when you had your first tattoo: can you cover it with a 50p coin?!! (Oh, how naive I was!) Not even a ten bob note will cover this one. Good job I was sitting down. But I must admit it’s stylish and artistic and – um – fishy! 🙂

  9. Charlotte says:

    Hahaha look how my tattoos have paved the way for us brother! 😉 Was this a cover up job? I can’t remember where abouts your tribal thingybob was on your arm now. I forgot to say… My goldfish likes it too. x

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