A Gushing Tribute to Lise Myhre

I’m not Comic Book Guy. I don’t generally find myself drawn to comics, but there is one I simply love: Nemi. You can find her every day in the Metro, the free version of the Daily Mail that is given away in tube stations to London wage slaves.

The Metro is a strange home for Nemi. Metro headlines are easily confused with satire. Front pages are dominated by house prices, and their ever-changing correlation with drunken ladettes and the Brussels bureaucrats who want us to suck their regulated bananas. It’s shit, basically. It’s where the standard of journalism is so poor that Georgina Littlejohn (daughter of Richard) is a star attraction.

So what on earth is a clever subversive anti-establishment comic strip featuring a promiscuous, nihilistic Norwegian goth doing on the back pages? It’s a mystery I can’t solve, but I’m glad it happened. Life is considerably better with Nemi in it. I just took delivery of the second collection from Amazon… there’s a third one due. Here’s a couple of my favourites. If you like them, buy the new book.

Click on them to make them bigger, obviously.




2 Responses to A Gushing Tribute to Lise Myhre

  1. mieke says:

    that second one was really an eye opener for me. i’m paul!

  2. keef says:

    i liked it when nemi played the ninja computer game

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