I just got paid for the first time in a year. Six weeks of backpay with a tax refund performing the role of cherry on top.

My solvency conspired with Nasreen’s birthday to present an opportunity to go to Lemonia, the fabulous Greek restaurant next to Primrose Hill. Oh, Lemonia! Champagne, stuffed vine leaves, lamb moussaka, halva, some expensive Beaujolais, some expensive brandy, very big smile. But is it expensive?

They rinse you out like an old sponge that’s been used to mop up the results of a sustained and brutal prison fight.

I recommend it.


3 Responses to Lemonia

  1. pete485 says:

    It’s not expensive if A: You still have a place to live at the end of it and/or B: It’s nice.

    Good times.

  2. McKinley says:

    Wherever you go, if you drink pricey booze, you’re fucked. So just eat next time, lush.

  3. recoder says:

    You’re right, McK, but the booze goes up very sharply in price once you eschew the bottles that have ‘Red Wine’ written on the label…

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