Inside Tom’s head

I’m overstimulated. I went to Barcelona with some friends, and it led to the start of a mystery journey trying to get hold of a Hang. And the World Cup is on. I ignore the jingoism and the hype just enough to enjoy the games.

Nintendo have released Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. I’m not usually a game freak, but when a Mario game comes out I can’t leave it alone until I’ve done everything there is to do. Only a really bitter puritan could disapprove of playing computer games in moderation, and I’m no bitter puritan. (This video will give you an idea.)

So when I’m not saturating my poor brain with all that, I’m enjoying the sunshine and being sociable. Will start using brain again in Autumn.

This is a great 5 minute video, by the way. It’s not that far from what it’s like to be absorbed in a Mario game. It’s probably something Bill Hicks would have loved.


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